Fashion Editorial| A Fashionable Housewife Vogue Poland

Jac Jagaciak is a stylish mother on Vogue Poland’s  May-June 2020 cover.

Captured by Zuza Krajewska, she poses in a pink printed jacket and skirt while breastfeeding her daughter, Mila.

Accompanying images show Jac playing a well-dressed housewife, doing laundry, or making dinner.

Stylist Karolina Gruszecka highlights colorful designs ranging from ruffled dresses to whimsical knitwear.

jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot02 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot03 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot04 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot05 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot06 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot08 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot09 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot11 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot12 jac-jagaciak-vogue-poland-cover-photoshoot14

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